Online Advertising Specifications

ComDispatch provides advertisers the opportunity to serve adverts to our clients websites.   ComDispatch can provide comprehensive advertising startegies through acess to a range of Online Banners, Rich Media, Newletters, E-commerce and Site specific oppourtunities.

ComDispatch offers a large vareity of mediums and ad sizes for Online Advertising that can be tailored to suit your needs.  For more informaiton please download our Rate Card or contact one of our Online Advertising Team for further informaiton.
Image Guide

When supplying an image advert please follow these guide lines:
  • Accepted formats are .jpg, .jpeg or .gif
  • File size must be no larger than 50kb
  • GIF file can be animated or static.
Flash Guide
When supplying a flash advert please follow these guide lines:
  • Flash file must be supplied with the .swf extension
  • A .jpg, .jpeg or .gif MUST be supplied along with the flash files to display in non-flash capable browsers    
  • Link Out code must be embedded in the SWF file:
               linkButton.onRelease = function() {
                                  getURL(_root.linkOut, "_blank");

*The link Out variables is case sensitive
  • File size must be no larger than 50kb
  • The file must not automatically serve audio. Adverts with the option to invoke sound are allowed
Adserver Targeting Capabilites
General Targeting Capabilities:
  • Browser type
  • Time of day
  • Day of week
  • Domain
  • Operating System
  • Geographical targeting - Country and/or State
Site Specific Targeting Capabilites:
  • Members Interface
  • Member specific content 
  • Site specific content
  • Industry Guides
  • Supplier Guides

Creative Due Dates

Association Approval Online Marketing Program (OMP)

  • Final versions of the Advertiser Media Artwork supplied by 10:30am Daily
  • Final versions of the Advertiser Artwork approval / decline notification recieved by 4pm on day of reciept
  • Client will receive Final Media Artwork at 10:30am Daily
  • Client will lodge an approval / change form by 4pm on day of reciepted Artwork
Artwork or Rich Media received outside of above timeframes may be declined or loaded at a time which may affect campaign delivery and reporting. Please further details please refer to the ComDispatch current Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy infromation.

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